In the book “Celebrity Branding You” by Nick Nanton, J.W. Dicks, Lindsay Dicks, and Greg Rollett there is an entire section dedicated to explaining why your Website is the heart of your entire online presence, and arguably your entire business. They also go into some detail on what the important “must haves” are for any website. Here at Blue Flame Digital we completely agree with what is presented in this book and in fact for our clients we follow every one of the principals they recommend. Here is an important quote from the book that explains it really well: “The keystone in

“The keystone in a building is the stone on which the foundation and all the construction rests. Remove the keystone, and the foundation is unstable. In today’s business environment, the Keystone is your website and internet strategy. Please note, we said two things — your website and internet strategy. Together we call these tools your Online Marketing Platform ™. Indeed, having one without the other is futile. While putting up a website is helpful, you must understand what you want to get out of it. This is where most businesses fail. They believe having a website is all they need, and they’re surprised when it doesn’t generate the business they thought it would. It’s like starting a new brick and mortar business, opening the doors, and expecting that’s all you need to do… not the case.”

We believe that a Responsive Website (able to adapt to desktop or mobile devices) is the heart of a company’s Online presence. But no matter what device people are using, research tells us that 55% of visitors spend fewer than 15 seconds on the majority of websites – and most of the rest spend very little more. Unfortunately for most websites, Google considers the length of time visitors stay as a top ranking factor. How do we get people’s attention in 15 seconds to entice them to stay? By creating websites that are so much more than just digital brochures. It all starts with what people see when they land. The first impression counts! That’s why we value our team of award-winning graphic designers. But it doesn’t end there. Ease of Navigation is critical to keeping your visitors engaged. So we make sure that everything is tested for simplicity and ease of flow. And finally, the content you have on your site is your greatest asset.

The bottom line is that your website should be set up primarily as a lead magnet. That’s why at Blue Flame we have a team of copywriters that will do the in-depth research necessary to provide the relevant information your audience is looking for. This will make your company not only shine as the go-to authority in your field but your website will become a point of attraction to those that are looking for your specific products and services.

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