Our SEO Deliverables

This table represents our Deliverables for both Local SEO and National SEO clients.

Please be aware that the pricing, as reflected in our pricing page for each is different,

reflecting the the difficulty in ranking a National vs. a Local product or service website.

Explanation of Deliverables
INITIAL GENERAL AUDITWe prepare a 5 to 10-minute video walking through the top areas of your site, using our specialized tools for discovering exactly where your website stands with regards to your its ability to rank in the top search engines.
Full analysis of all pages on your site, crosswalked with vital SEO metrics like links, Keyword rankings, indexation status and more. We will then make a decision about what to do with every page on your website (i.e. leave it as is, update the “on page” elements, NOINDEX, 301 redirects, etc). This process helps us clean up low-quality pages on your website while digging deeper into pages and keywords we should be focusing on for quickest results. This process is included in all levels, but there is a limit to the number of pages we will optimize, based on the level you choose. See Pricing Chart under On-Page Corrections & Optmization.
KEYWORD RESEARCH, ANALYSIS AND SELECTION FOR OPTMIZATIONWe look for your “money keywords”, the ones used by your customers to find your products and services. We find related search terms that you may not be exploiting. We make sure that you are using the best search terms on your site to attract ideal customers.
COMPETITIVE ANALYSISWe will look at 3 of your top competitors and compare them head to head with your marketing efforts. This is not an SEO focused audit, instead, we will look at things like social media activity, authority, advertising,
and other internet marketing tactics to better understand how you can improve your overall marketing efforts.
RANKINGS REPORTA report that pulls data from Google Analytics, Google Search Console and Keyword rankings to help us understand the current status of your website in relation to other sites in your industry. This report helps our team build the initial strategy for your site.
ON PAGE CORRECTIONS & OPTIMZATIONAfter the deep-dive analysis of your website’s on-page status, based on the Plan level you chose, we will be making the necessary corrections to optmize your site for best on-page functions. This may include site speed, anchor text, mobile friendliness, titles, meta-tags, site maps, robots.txt, images, redirects, .htaccess setup, schema, and more! This is the process of ensuring your page is readable by Search Engine bots in order to stay on top of organic search results.
SOCIAL FORTRESS & CITATIONS BUILDINGWe check the essential sites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn) to make sure you have claimed your branded listing on those platmorms. We work with you or your designated team to correct or create them if necessary with proper information (Name, Address, Phone). We create additional Citations up to the level of your plan during each three-month period. Includes Citations, Listings, Directories, and Profiles. We analyze your current citations and make sure they are all accurate, based on your current name, address, and phone number. We look for additional citation opportunities and grow your online footprint. We also make available to you, for an additional cost, Link Wrapping services – a VERY powerful method of interlinking your fortress, creating an even stronger footprint profile on the web.
Using very accurate tools, we check the health of your backlinks. When we find those that are harming your website, we create a disavow list and submit it to the search engines. This is an ongoing process because links coming to your site may arise faster than one expects, and must be dealt with quickly.
INTERNAL LINK OPTIMIZATIONThis is referred to as Site Inner Linking Optmization (SILOing). It is very important to take care of your site’s inner linking – the links that help visitors navigate your website comfortably and in a way that leads them to purchase. We make sure the flow is optimized for conversions.

A careful review of your website’s content will allow us to make recommendations for new (bottom of the funnel) landing pages to build onto your website, make corrections if there is any duplicate content on your site, and even suggestions on grammar and readability.
CONTENT WRITING & LINK BUILDINGWe will be writing monthly articles and other posts that can be used for your Blog and external websites that will link back to your site (backlinks), based on your monthly plan. We will then be conducting Outreach campaigns, negotiating strong placement of your content in authoritative websites, in order to build powerful backlinks to your site. This is considered to be one of THE most important tasks in Search Engine Optimization. It is the power derived from these backlinks, coming from high domain authority websites, that help push your website up the organic search ranking scales. We calculate the number of words written, based on your plan, and divide them into articles with a minimum of 400 words per article. The main objective is to drip new content that renders good backlings in a consistent, long-term way.
GOOGLE MY BUSINESS (GMB)Google My Business is an essential footprint for any business – whether local or national. We will make sure you have it, and that it is accurately representing you. In addition, once other efforts have been carried out, usually by the third or fourth month, we will supplement our backlinking efforts with a GEO NETWORK campaign. This is one of the strongest relevancy signals available.
We will look at the configuration and setup of your Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager accounts (if applicable). We will make recommendations to improve the overall tracking and performance of your data analytics.
REGULAR MONTHLY REPORTINGWe offer an online platform where you can see daily, weekly, and monthly updates on all your campaigns and can see exactly what we are working on and the timetables set up for each task. However, we will schedule a monthly analysis meeting to make any adjustments needed to offer you the best service.
INFLUENCER CAMPAIGNWe will find, vett, contact and negotiate partnerships with influencers on important platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter.
VIDEO MARKETINGWe offer Video Marketing services as part of our service offerings. It is our specialty to create top quality video content. And as always, video online is king.