Improve Your Google My Business with Reviews

Of course, ranking client GMB is one of our specialties, and you can see that we do offer an extensive list of GMB strategies in order to achieve that end. But, if you want to improve your Google search rankings, consider attracting a bigger number of relevant online reviews. One of the best methods to achieve this goal is to offer your customers a Google review link on your website. As we have done here.

Positive reviews in your GMB presence from satisfied customers can also help you get better rankings in Google’s SERPs. Research shows that 90 percent of consumers base their purchasing decisions on product reviews. Almost 64 percent of these people check out reviews even before they take a look at the website of a business. And Google My Business reviews are among the most powerful ones you can obtain. That is why it is important to know how to generate a direct link to your Google My Business reviews for your customers to write them and thereby creating a higher ranking and potential new customers. It only takes a few clicks, and here is how you do it.

How to Create a Google Review Link – Three Methods

– Via the Place ID tool

– By following the “short URL” and “short name” methods (this is what Google recommends)

– By performing a manual search for the link using Google’s search box

Keep in mind that your Google review link will work even if you’ve previously found it through one of the above methods.

Method 1: Create A Google Review Link by Using the Business Short Name

Google makes it easier for businesses to share such URLs by allowing them to create a “short name” for their brand. This name you create will be added to the end of your custom URL. For instance, if you have pool services shop called “Poolserv” you can use “poolserv” as a short name for your Google review link. Your URL will be something like this:

Internet users who type or paste this address into their browser will be directed to your GMB listing where they will be able to write their own review, if they wish.

However, this method is only available to businesses that are verified on Google. If your business isn’t Google verified just yet, consider doing that prior to following the next steps to generate a short name to offer your customers an easy way to leave a Google review.

Step 1: Create Your Short Name

Click on the Info tab in the menu, and then go to “Add profile short name.” If your business operates in more than one location, choose your desired location to create a short name for it.

Step 2: Submit Your Short Name to Google

Create the short name you want. You can use up to 32 characters. If your desired name is already taken, Google will warn you to change it. If you can’t find a good alternative, try to find creative abbreviations or add more words to make your location unique.

Step 3: Save Your Work and Wait for Approval

Once you’re done, click on Apply. You’ll see that your short name is now in a “Pending” state. After Google approves it, this name will show up on your GMB profile.

Sharing your newly created URL is as easy as generating it. Go to the Home section in the Main Menu. Click on Get More Reviews. Then, copy the URL that appears on this page and use it wherever you want to make it easier for your customers to leave a review.

Here’s how to generate a short name by using the mobile GMB app:

In the Profile section of your GMB account, tap on “Add profile short name.”

Create the name, limiting it to 32 characters.

Save your work when you’re done.

Here’s what you need to do to share this URL via the app:

In the Customers section, tap on “Reviews” and then on the “share” icon located to the top-right of your screen. The short name URL will appear on the screen. Copy it and then share it with your users.

Method 2: Create A Google Review Link by Using Place ID Finder

This tool is available on any Google Maps developer page. The only thing you have to do is to enter the name of your desired location in the search bar.

You’ll see a small text appearing on the map, right above the business location. All those letters, numbers and symbols make up the Place ID. Copy everything you see after the “placeid=” string.<place_id>

Method 3: Create A Google Review Link by Performing a Google Search

Search for your business on Google and seek for your business listing. When you find it, click on the “Write a review” option.

A review window will pop up. You’ll also notice that the URL bar displays a rather lengthy and complex URL. This is something impossible to remember by humans. Simplify it by using a URL shortening tool such as, and then feel free to share this shorter version on your social media channels, in your newsletters or wherever else you need.

How to Make Good Use Of Your Google Review Link

By offering your customers a Google review link you help them find or remember your brand. However, is there a way to use this link to generate more customer reviews for your business?

Send an Email Message

According to researchers, about 70 percent of all reviews come as a consequence of email invitations these users receive after making a purchase. Write a compelling message and place your Google review link in a prominent location, in order to attract more customers to leave a review and to help you improve your product or service.

Send an SMS Text

You can use mobile phones to reach out to your customers. By using the short Google review link, you’ll be able to keep your message sweet and short, thus managing to effectively capture the attention of your audience.

Most SMS texts are read within the first three minutes from delivery. A short link, cleverly placed within a kind message will entice these people to write a review.

If you have more than one business collation, you may want to use Review Trackers to create location-specific campaigns.

Review Trackers, and specifically the Ask Tool, will help you automate your review generation efforts. Its intelligent workflow features and capabilities allow you to make the most out of your efforts, while also complying with Google’s review policy.

Track Your Reviews and Respond to All Of Them

Google review links have a huge potential to generate more user feedback for your business. You need to do everything it takes to keep track of each and every such feedback you receive from your customers. This is what the Google My Business review tracking section is for. Use it wisely to track your reviews.

GMB also allows business owners to respond to these reviews and ratings. This tool can help you build a great reputation for your business.

According to a survey, about 80 percent of consumers believe that receiving a response to their feedback is a surefire sign that the business cares for their customers. Unfortunately, more than 60 percent of consumers say they never get a response to their feedback. Don’t be one of these businesses that neglect their customers.

Improving Customer Experience with a Google Review Link

Acquiring a large number of 5-star reviews on Google is a great thing. However, it shouldn’t be your end goal. Use the information in these reviews to improve your products and to offer a better experience to your customers!

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