Our SEO services are NOT for everyone…

As much as we would like to be of service to every type of business that asks for our help, we are very selective about the clients we choose to work with. The reason for that is that in order to ensure success, there is a set of common sense, and ethically guided criteria that we believe have to be in place. We are laser focused on our current client’s success, so it is in both our interests that we not take on projects that are not a good fit, as they will distract from everyone else. So, that said, we can be effective for you if:

Yours is an on-going, established, and profitable business that is interested in expanding to the next level.

You do not have the “get-rich-quick” mindset, or have unrealistic expectations of the time and work that has to be put in to be successful.

You have an established list of leads and customers to which you already sell your products and services consistently. In other words, you are already an established business entity in your marketplace. Not necessarily a well-known entity, but one that has the potential to reach that level because of an on-going, existing business.

You already see the importance, and in fact are taking action toward marketing and advertising efforts, online or offline.

You already provide value and quality in your products and services to your clients, in an ethical and consistent manner. Because our SEO services will have a massive effect in scaling up your business, you can see why it is important to us that our clients meet that very crucial set of criteria. It will all reflect back on us and our reputation is VERY important.

We are not interested in any gambling or adult themed verticals.

If that describes your company, then Burn Media Group may be your SEO partner and we want to show you how our services can help you meet your marketing goals! Just like we have helped scores of other clients generate Millions of dollars by bringing them more online traffic. But first, we ask that you fill out our Discovery Form. Just like during the first visit to a Doctor, you would be asked to provide critical information that would help that professional determine your current state and how to proceed to ensure your optimal health, we use the same method. Our form will take a few minutes to fill out but will provide the crucial information we need to tell you how we can help. After that, we will set up a 15 to 30-minute telephone consultation at no charge or obligation to you, and then prepare a free, custom video proposal that will outline how we will guarantee your success in SEO. Please help us ensure your success by filling out the form, and we’ll see you on the other side! 

SEO Discovery Form

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